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Hunger factsheet

FAQ: extent, distribution and causes of hunger

How many people are going hungry worldwide? Where is the hunger situation the worst? And why? We have summed up the answers to those frequently asked questions i our hunger factsheet (last updated October 2016).

The United Nations estimates that across the world approximately 795 million people (805 million in 2014) are going hungry, out of a total of 7.5 billion. This amounts to almost 11 per cent of the global population or around every tenth person. 780 million of those going hungry live in developing countries. Although still high, this number is a slight positive development. In the face of a continually growing global population, it has reduced by 210 million since the measurement of hunger figures in 1990 (by 167 million in the last ten years), as identified by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, in its report ‘The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015’. [FAO, SOFI 05/2015]

The report on the Global Hunger Index 2016 (GHI) - co-published by Welthungerhilfe - also states that the GHI scores in developing countries have decreased by 29 per cent since 2000, and are thus improved. Of the 118 countries for which GHI scores were calculated, 22 countries had been able to improve by 50 per cent or more. For 50 countries, however, the hunger situation is still ‘serious’ or ‘alarming’. [GHI, 2016]

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Hunger factsheet
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