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India State Hunger Index 2008

Level of hunger is alarming

The hunger situation is "extremely serious" or even "alarming". Read more about the situation in India! (2009)

The results of the India State Hunger Index 2008 highlight the continued overall severity of the hunger situation in India, while revealing the variation in hunger across states within India. It is indeed alarming that not a single state in India is either low or moderate in terms of its index score. Most states have a "serious" hunger problem, and one state has an "extremely alarming" hunger problem. Although variation exists in index scores of the states, and hence in the ranking of Indian states in relation to other countries, few states perform well in relation to the GHI 2008. Even the best-performing Indian state, Punjab, lies below 33 other developing countries ranked by GHI. Read more!

India State Hunger Index 2008
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