Press release - Syria: Increase humanitarian aid!

Syria: Increase humanitarian aid!

Urgent appeal by Alliance Development Works

(07.03.2013) In view of the precarious humanitarian situation in Syria and increasing difficulty of emergency staff to reach and help the needy, Alliance Development Works is appealing for the following:

Alliance Development Works asks for an increase in humanitarian aid for Syria. © Iva Zimova, People in Need
Alliance Development Works asks for an increase in humanitarian aid for Syria. © Iva Zimova, People in Need

1. A ceasefire

A ceasefire and significantly improved access for aid agencies in all parts of Syria are important prerequisites for the urgently needed and extensive expansion of aid measures. Germany and the European Union must do all they can to overcome the political blockade in the Syria conflict to reach a political solution to the conflict that has been going on for more than two years. This means exerting enormous political pressure on the Syrian government and the opposition. At the same time, all powers that are involved in the civil war - for example through the provision of logistical support or direct shipments of weapons - must also do their part to achieve a political solution.

2. An end to all weapon deliveries

The international community is asked to suspend all shipments of weapons into the conflict region. This includes all conflict parties. Weapon shipments only exacerbate the conflict, and precisely this must be avoided.

3. Strong support for the UN

Aid for refugees, including those within Syria, must be significantly expanded. This will require the establishment of additional refugee camps under the mandate and within the implementation authority of the UN. The UN organisations involved in these aid measures must receive immediate financial aid from UN member states.

4. Provide comprehensive aid to refugees

In the refugee camps in Syria and neighbouring countries, people must not only receive access to water, food and hygiene, but also social basic services such as education for children. The large numbers of locally displaced people, many of which are housed in private accommodations, also require support, as do those who provide lodging and assistance to the refugees, sometimes under very difficult conditions.

5. Recognise and increase direct on-site aid

The willingness to help on the part of large parts of the Syrian population, and their willingness to stand up for their neighbours or help with aid measures is enormous and also very encouraging. This neighbourly willingness to help is greatly appreciated and must be recognised - also here in Germany. At the same time, the aid provided by the Syrian people to their own is not longer enough to address the scope of humanitarian needs. External aid from the United Nations and aid agencies has become a matter of survival for people.

6. Accept Syrian refugees

The federal government is asked to work together with the federal states to ensure that more Syrian refugees can be brought to Germany. This also includes general visa provisions for relatives of Syrians who live in Germany.

Syrian aid by Alliance Development Works:

The Alliance member organisations medico international, Misereor, terre des hommes and Welthungerhilfe are active in Syria, the Turkish-Syrian border and in the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. However, working conditions for staff - whether international or domestic staff - are very difficult.

The security situation is very tense, access to those requiring help is very limited, and even the United Nations can only provide limited assistance. This means that only a small proportion of people in urgent need of help can be reached, and the aid agencies have not been able to expand their activities. The member organisations of the Alliance are continuing their work despite these difficult conditions. They support mainly local organisations and initiatives, which implement their emergency aid activities at the risk of their own lives.

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