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    Once a year the members of Welthungerhilfe gather for the General Assembly. There they decide about fundamental developments concerning the association.
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Members of Welthungerhilfe e.V.


Responsible for guidelines and supervision

Members of Welthungerhilfe include the President of the German Parliament, the leaders of the parties represented in the lower house, as well as churches, associations and other organisations. They send delegates to the annual General Assembly.

The General Assembly decides on the guidelines for the activities of Welthungerhilfe. It is responsible for electing the Supervisory Board, passing the annual budget and approving the annual accounts on the basis of the auditors' report.

The General Assembly decides on the guidelines for the activities of Welthungerhilfe.
The General Assembly decides on the guidelines for the activities of Welthungerhilfe.

Members of the association

(permanent representative in brackets)

  • German Parliament, President Dr Norbert Lammert, Member of Parliament (Dr Ulrich Schöler)
  • CDU/CSU, Chairperson Volker Kauder, MP (Helmut Heiderich, MP)
  • SPD, Chairperson Thomas Oppermann, MP (Dr Sascha Raabe, MP)
  • Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Chairperson Katrin Göring-Eckardt, MP and Chairperson Anton Hofreiter, MP (N.N., MP)
  • Die Linke, Chairperson Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht, MP, and Chairperson Dr. Dietmar Bartsch, MP (Heike Hänsel, MP)
  • German Bishops' Commissary Office, Catholic Office, Berlin, Head Prelate Dr Karl Jüsten (Dr Martin Bröckelmann-Simon)
  • Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Representative Prelate Dr. Martin Dutzmann (Representative Prelate Dr. Martin Dutzmann)
  • Association of Rural Youth in Germany (BDL), National Chairperson Nina Sehnke (Nina Sehnke)
  • Federal of German Wholesale and Foreign Trade, President Anton F. Börner (Sebastian Werren)
  • Confederation of German Trade Unions, President Reiner Hoffmann Sommer (Frank Zach)
  • Federal Association of German Industries (BDI), President Dieter Kempf (Matthias Wachter)
  • German Farmers' Association, President Joachim Rukwied (Willi Kampmann)
  • German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Association, President Uwe Fröhlich (Dr Andreas Wieg)
  • Federal Association of Non-Statutory Welfare Associations, President Wolfgang Stadler (Rudi Frick)
  • German Red Cross, President Dr h.c. Rudolf Seiters (Christof Johnen)
  • German Agricultural Society, President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer (Karl-Martin Lüth)
  • German Nutrition Society, Prof. Dr Helmut Heseker (Prof. Dr Michael Krawinkel)
  • Trade Union for Construction, Agriculture and Environment, Chairperson Robert Feiger (Robert Feiger)
  • German Journalists' Association, Chairperson Michael Konken (Frauke Ancker)
  • German Countrywomen's Association, President Brigitte Scherb (Rosa Karcher)
  • German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ), Chairperson Tanja Gönner (Elke Winter)
  • Welthungerhilfe Promotion Society, Kaspar Portz (Friedhelm Henkst)
  • National Federation of Skilled Crafts and Trades, President Peter Wollseifer (Dr. Peter Weiss)
  • Confederation of German Employers' Associations, President Ingo Kramer (Ulrich Hüttenbach)
  • German Association of Cities and Towns, Member of Managing Committee Dr Stephan Articus (Sabine Drees)
  • Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers, President Helmut Heinen (Dietmar Wolff)
  • German Insurance Association, General Manager Dr Jörg Freiherr, Frank von Fürstenwerth (Thomas Kräutter)
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