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Africa and the EU

Partnership or one-way street ?!

(Bonn, 02/04/2014) The Africa-EU summit held in Brussels offers an opportunity to improve the collaboration between the two continents. Europe in particular has an obligation in this regard. The main focus areas of the partnership have not been identified to date. Politically controversial economic agreements such as the EPA have not been addressed adequately.


"A real partnership is more than a unilateral economic exchange. The partners must take responsibility for each other and be prepared to engage in arguments, always with an eye to maintaining a level playing field. The federal government can set a new signal with the further development of the existing Africa strategy," says Wolfgang Jamann.

The current strategy for the Africa-EU partnership lacks a clear focus. Both continents must provide their citizens and immigrants with guarantees that human rights will be protected. And while private investments are a prerequisite to developing this partnership, they should nevertheless be based on the idea of achieving development benefits.

"If the EU wishes to play an active part in shaping the intercontinental relationships that is also accepted by its African partners, then it does not have many non-military options. A fair economic collaboration that creates workplaces and is directed at the poorest of the poor is one of them. Here too the federal government has an obligation," Wolfgang Jamann continues.

The fourth Africa-EU summit is held in Brussels from April 2-3, and is of great importance to the future Africa-EU strategy .

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