• Donations on a larger scale
    Donations on a larger scaleDonations on a larger scale

Every donation counts!

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Donations on a larger scale

Individual sponsorship

With donations of at least 5,000 euros, you decide how and where your gift is spent.

Are you looking for a personal way to join the fight against hunger? Tell us where and how you want to help and we will find a suitable project for you. With a donation of 5,000 euros or more, you can decide how and where your money is spent.

Theodor Kerkmann, Entrepreneur from Bielefeld: "I want to help people who are disadvantaged. This is why I sponsor work directly on location with my donations. I trust Welthungerhilfe to know best where my contribution is most needed."
Christoph von Bülow, Commercial lawyer. In "real life" he is a partner in an international law firm. In 2012, Christoph von Bülow flew to Kenya to accompany Welthungerhilfe staff in their project work. This long-term sponsor of Welthungerhilfe regularly looks beyond Germany's borders.
Gregor Siebenkotten, Chairman of the Tereska Foundation. Where there is news, there are donations. The Tereska Foundation attempts to help in places "where a lack of media coverage means little aid is received. Working together with Welthungerhilfe has been professional, trusting and transparent from the very beginning."

Welthungerhilfe is currently working on more than 300 projects in 38 countries. We are certain to find a project that meets your requirements.

After all, the better a project suits your current situation, the more pleasure you will gain from your commitment. And the better we understand your ideas about aid, the longer you will remain active in the global fight against hunger. This is why we listen closely to you and respond to your wishes. We can even arrange a visit to the project that your money is helping to fund.

But don’t worry: It’s not necessary to know where and how you want to help from the outset. We ensure that your money helps precisely where it is most needed. Utilise our experience! We advise and accompany you throughout your commitment.

As soon as you have decided and begun supporting your project, we document the success of your donation – so that your help is transparent for you and others.

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Philantrophie plus X

Aid that is individual and appropriate

Do you want to do more than give a classic donation to help to create a world free of hunger and poverty? Welthungerhilfe gives you the opportunity to develop and realise your own personal concept of aid.


As a competent partner, we support you in providing effective help. We listen to you and work with you to develop an individually tailored expression for your commitment.

What we offer: Sponsorship, trust funds, bequests

Our offers range from direct sponsorships and donations to long-term trust funds and sensible bequests. Whether you are a private individual, a company or a sponsoring foundation, we are here to help structure your personal social involvement.

Tell us where and how you want to work against hunger. Our "Philanthropie plus X" team will work with you to develop a type of giving that is ideally tailored to your wishes. In other words: customised involvement. We look forward to discussing your options with you.

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