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Help in Afghanistan - Blankets and tarp against the cold winter

Help for Afghanistan

Blankets and tarp against the cold winter

Welthungerhilfe distributes tarp, blankets and stoves during the cold winter.
War refugees also receive water and medical care.
New playgrounds are being built for the children.

People in Afghanistan face many problems. Many families are forced to leave their homes due to war and hunger, and hope for a better life in the capital city of Kabul. 

But once they arrive, they often face more poverty and hunger. They live in makeshift tents without electricity and water, and only very little food. The approximately 11,500 children and youths are particularly hard hit. They have no opportunity to go to school and have been traumatised by war and displacement. 

Now they will have a safe place to play and an opportunity to attend school.

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Overcoming the trauma of war and displacement

Playgrounds that offer children a safe and fun environment will be built by 2014.

Recreational activities such as circus lessons and a radio and film school help the children to overcome the bad experiences of war and displacement. Many of the children have never attended a school in their life, therefore education is particularly important for them. 

Welthungerhilfe has already been assisting the displaced since 2010. 

Medical help and water supplies

In addition to medical help and water supplies, the organisation also distributed tarp, blankets and stoves during the cold winter months. Despite the success of these projects, there are concerns about the continuously growing number of people in the tent cities of Kabul. 

Tens of thousands will be without the warmth of a fire and protective clothing during the upcoming winter months. 

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Current reports on the project

Winter aid in Afghanistan

Warm blankets, stoves and firewood to protect against snow and cold temperatures

Afghanistan's climate is characterised by hot summers and cold winters. At this time, wide areas of the country are covered by snow, with temperatures hovering below the freezing point. These weather conditions are particularly hard on refugees and displaced persons, who are living in tent villages and slum areas.

Afghanistan is experiencing real winter weather. The wind is blowing mercilessly, the body feels the cold weather keenly, and the wet snow penetrates through clothing and shoes to the skin. Those not protected by a roof or wall and only surrounded by a thin tent wall are particularly hard hit by this type of weather.

Welthungerhilfe supports families with relief items that are critical to survival.
Welthungerhilfe supports families with relief items that are critical to survival.
A fire in the stove protects against the worst of the cold weather.
A fire in the stove protects against the worst of the cold weather.
People stand in long queues to receive their portion of the precious firewood.
People stand in long queues to receive their portion of the precious firewood.

To reduce the suffering, Welthungerhilfe provides refugees and displaced persons in Kabul with relief items that are critical to survival. As part of a collaborative project with Alliance2015 partners People in Need, winter aid is also provided to the inhabitants of Balkh province, which is located in the north of the country.

Water-tight canvass repels snow

A total of 3,000 families have received blankets, canvasses, firewood and stoves. "Now it is a little bit warmer and more comfortable during the icy-cold days," says a happy 15-year old Farid, who is spending the winter with his family in a tent village near Kabul. Farid's family will hang the donated canvass over its tent, as the old tent canvass bends under the weight of the snow, and runs the risk of leaking. The new water-tight canvasses take care of this problem. The families use the traditional stoves to make fire in their tents - this too helps to protect them against the worst of the cold. And people also manage to stay warm with the blankets that have been distributed.

Together with its partners, Welthungerhilfe is organising a variety of recreational activities to ensure that children can forget about the war and displacement for a few hours. Among other things, the organisation supports the circus school Afghan Education Childrens` Circus, in which children and youths can play together, talk with each other and learn new skills. These 600 young artists in the circus school - all children from the Kabul tent villages - also receive warm jackets, pullovers, trousers, winter shoes and hats. This allows them to move around in winter weather without feeling cold.

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Help in Afghanistan

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