International Climate Summit in Warsaw

International Climate Summit in Warsaw

Welthungerhilfe: Europe must become the pioneer again

(Bonn, 08/11/2013) The Welthungerhilfe is reminding the European Union of its central role at the upcoming climate negotiations, which are due to take place in Warsaw between 11th and 22nd November. Notable steps forward in the international reduction of greenhouse gas emissions can only be made if the EU stands for ambitious reduction targets within the European Union itself in Warsaw. A global and binding treaty on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is due to be signed in Paris in two years' time. If no progress is made, the prospect of a treaty of this kind will recede into the distance. "We need bold pioneering alliances between states that show that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is not just possible; but also worthwhile", said Michael Kühn, climate expert at Welthungerhilfe.

Dried out riverbed in Kenya: In East Africa extreme weather conditions increase by the climate change. © Weiss

"The European states must urgently increase their emission reduction targets from the current 20% to 30% by 2020 and formulate ambitious targets for 2030", stated Kühn. "Furthermore, they have to reduce greenhouse gases; whilst pushing on with the development of renewable energy and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency as an overall package beyond 2020."

Germany is also needed here: it can send a clear signal to global climate policy makers with a decisively driven energy transition.
"The credibility of German and European climate policy is at stake here. Germany's caving in with regard the EU exhaust emission standards was not a good way of convincing reluctant developing countries, amongst others, to formulate and also to implement their own ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions", noted Kühn. The German government must make the level of funds that they are providing for climate-related funding in developing countries known in Warsaw. A minimum of 50% of this funding must be set aside for coping measures in these countries.

A preview of the upcoming climate summit in Warsaw and our expectations regarding the summit can be found in our current Focus "Warsaw 2013: The climate sinners' summit". (

You can also contact our climate expert, Michael Kühn, directly in Poland.

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