Press release - International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Welthungerhilfe: Strengthening women means fighting against hunger and poverty!

Bonn, 07.03.2013 On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March, Welthungerhilfe draws attention to the fact that all around the world, women play a key role in the fight against hunger and poverty.


Women in Burundi working on small-scale fields. © Haeberle
Women in Burundi working on small-scale fields. © Haeberle

Women fulfil an important function in all areas of agriculture in developing countries. In addition to cultivation, they are also responsible for selling the products, and they assume responsibility for the family during extremely difficult situations brought on by catastrophes.

In their everyday lives, women are responsible for preparing food and ensuring fair distribution within the family. “We have to understand the crucial role that women play even at the smallest level, in the individual household, and start introducing improvements there,” demands Bärbel Dieckmann, President of Welthungerhilfe. “Do the women know how to prepare food rich in vitamins in a hygienic way? How much and what do they serve themselves and their children? These small but existential questions are crucial if we want to win the fight against hunger in the long term,” said Dieckmann.

In countries where women have a lower standing in society and fewer rights, hunger is greater. Women are responsible for around 80 percent of food production in developing countries.

Despite this, women make up the majority of people suffering from poverty in rural areas. The United Nations believes that the global agricultural yield could be up to 30 percent higher if women had the same rights as men. This would significantly decrease the global figure of starving people.

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