Press release - 2012 annual report

2012 annual report

Help for over 19 million people - excellent donation results in 50th anniversary year

(Berlin/Bonn, 25/06/2013) In 2012, Welthungerhilfe projects helped over 19 million people in 39 countries. With donations totalling 36.8 million euros, the results achieved in the 50th anniversary year were excellent. The overall income in 2012 amounted to 148.5 million euros. In the past year, Welthungerhilfe supported 351 projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Chief Executive Board Secretary Dr. Wolfgang Jamann and President Bärbel Dieckmann in Berlin. © Grabka
Chief Executive Board Secretary Dr. Wolfgang Jamann and President Bärbel Dieckmann in Berlin. © Grabka

Around two-thirds of the project countries are considered fragile states. "In the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we have to keep on providing emergency aid on the one hand, due to the continued outbreaks of violence and the high number of refugees, and on the other, we also take on responsibilities that would usually be taken on by the government, for example repairing roads to ensure that the people can get food and bring their harvest to the market. In addition, we support local initiatives such as a clinic in Butembo that provides help to victims of sexual violence. It was founded by local women. We want to help people to rely on their own strength again," Dr Wolfgang Jamann, Chairman of the Welthungerhilfe Executive Board, said as he presented the 2012 annual report.

The President of Welthungerhilfe, Bärbel Dieckmann, emphasised that in Myanmar, where the charity has supported particularly people in rural areas since 2002, the self-help approach had proved quite successful by now. However: "Around 32 percent of the population of Myanmar still lives in poverty and does not have enough to eat. Our work concentrates on the rural areas: that is where around 70 percent of the country's population lives. Here, it is vital to focus on the capabilities for self-help that exist at household, village and community level. In order to achieve this, we involve the local population in the planning and implementation of our projects as partners right from the outset.

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