Press release - Welthungerhilfe: We have reached the first milestone on the way to a global development agenda

New York Summit on Post Millennium Goals 2015 has ended

Welthungerhilfe: We have reached the first milestone on the way to a global development agenda

(Bonn, 26/09/2013) On the occasion of the UN General Assembly in New York, heads of state and government yesterday approved a declaration on the future of the UN Millennium Goals. Welthungerhilfe believes that this result is the first milestone on the way to a global development agenda.

"The world community took an important step in the right direction yesterday. There is agreement that environmental sustainability and human development must be pursued jointly and can no longer be discussed at two separate events - something we had already been pushing for prior to the conference. It is also important that there is a greater focus on those goals regarding the fight against hunger and poverty that have not been reached to date, so that we can still achieve positive results in the years that remain until 2015," says Wolfgang Jamann, Secretary General of Welthungerhilfe.

The Millennium Development Goals will reach their target date in 2015 - after that we need a roadmap for the people and the planet. © Boethling

The adopted declaration provides for another summit in September 2015, by which time a timetable for a global development agenda must be approved. Welthungerhilfe hopes that the new German government will be committed to ambitious goals. "We need new concepts for living together on this planet - concepts that reassess the dogma of economic growth and the consumption of resources and energy. The task is to formulate a global agenda that applies equally to industrial and developing countries - with joint but also different responsibilities for a true transformation in global development," Wolfgang Jamann continues.

Welthungerhilfe is one of Germany's largest private aid agencies. It offers integrated aid from rapid disaster aid and reconstruction to long-term development co-operation projects with local partner organisations according to the principle of help towards self-help. Since we were founded in 1962, we have provided 2.52 billion euros worth of funding for more than 7,100 projects in 70 countries – for a world without hunger and poverty



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