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Ongoing tenders of Welthungerhilfe

Ongoing tenders

can be downloaded here (as PDF or ZIP-Files)

Welthungerhilfe was established in 1962. It is today one of the largest private organizations working in the area of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Germany, Non-profit-seeking, non-partisan and non-denominational.

Donations from the population at large fund our work in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In addition, Welthungerhilfe receives grants from the Federal German Government, the European Union and the United Nations.

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Current Tenders

Tender - Vehicle for public transport in the Central African Republic

Tender dossier – our Ref. 465302/CAF 1007/BMZ

Welthungerhilfe invites suppliers for quotation of one Bus, financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and aimed for transport of football classes in the Central African Republic. Our Reference Number 465302/CAF 1007/BMZ. Quotations must be presented latest by 07th August 2017, 11 a.m. Tender document can be downloaded here.

Tender for construction of a sewage system in Rabyia, Iraq

Tender dossier – our Ref. IRQ-1007-TND-028

Iraq, Rehabilitation of essential public WASH facilities and improvement of solid waste management. Our Ref. IRQ-1007-TND-028, financed by the German Government (BMZ). Site visit is expected on 30th or 31th July 2017, Submission of bids latest by 08th August 2017. Tender for the construction works can be downloaded here.

Tender for Supply of strawberry saplings, Turkey

Tender dossier – our Ref. SYR1038-TND-003 strawberry

For our activities in Turkey we will need 500,000 strawberry saplings. Our Ref. is SYR1038-TND-003 strawberry. Capable suppliers are invited to participate in this tender procedure. Quotations to be submitted latest by 07th August 2017.

Tender Document is available here for download.

Humanitarian Aid for Northern Iraq - Supply of Powder of High Test Hypochlorite

Tender dossier – our Ref. IRQ 1013-TND- 045

Fincanced by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA) we are on the market for HTH Hypochlorite. Quotations to be sent by latest 06th August 2017. Tender document can be downloaded here.

Tender for supply of Poly bags, Sierra Leone

Tender dossier – Ref. #: SLE 1047/EU/SPR ‘: 000003

Welthungerhilfe invites suppliers for quotation of 4,500,000 poly bags, financed by the EU and aimed at fostering small holder Agriculture in Sierra Leone.Our Reference Number SLE 1047/EU/SPR ‘: 000003. Quotations must be presented latest by 16th August 2017.


Humanitarian Aid for Pakistan - NFI´s and Hygiene Kits

Tender dossier – Ref. PAK 1080/80744

Humanitarian Aid for Pakistan – Tender for NFI´s and Hygiene Kits can be downloaded here. Our Ref. PAK 1080/80744. Quotations to be submitted latest be 28th July 2017

Construction Works in Kenema - Sierra Leone

Tender dossier – Ref. No: WHH-SLE 1048/16/DFID/2017/03

Sierra Leone, our Reference #: WHH-SLE 1048/16/DFID/2017/03. Bid documents for construction works in Kenema. Quotations to be submitted latest by 28th July 2017.




Tender dossier – Ref. No: AFG-1185 DRR

This tendering document concerns a project WHH is implementing in Samangan province regarding the disaster risk reduction (DRR) in ten villages Aybak district of Samangan province.

All information can be obtained from the tender dossier. Closing date of this tender is 20th of July 2017 at 2:00 p.m. local Afghanistan time.