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Annual Report of Welthungerhilfe 2005

See how we help people all over the world. Read examples of projects in Sudan, Madagascar and Nicaragua.


In 2005 Welthungerhilfe had to provide emergency aid for victims of the flood disaster in South-East Asia and simultaneously prepare reconstruction work in four countries. Together with local partner organisations and supported by the overwhelming and unprecedented solidarity of our donors Welthungerhilfe was able to accomplish this enormous feat. Later the year a severe food crisis in the Sahel region and the earth quaked in Pakistan demand urgently for help. Donors entrusted Welthungerhilfe with a total of 71.7 million euros for emergency aid. The following report accounts for the income and expenditure of Welthungerhilfe in the previous year. It takes stock of our success stories but also looks at  the difficulties we came up against in our efforts to eliminate poverty and famine.

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