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Improving the living circumstances in North Uganda

A better income, clean water and an economic growth: This project resumes the existing sucess of the projects in the Lango Region.

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With a GDP per capita of 370 US Dollars and a Human Poverty Index value of 34.7, Uganda still remains one of the world’s poorest countries. However, the country has made tremendous economic recovery in the recent past. Especially northern Uganda, and Lango Sub-Region in particular, bordered by Karamoja in the East and North East, has been faced with lots of incursions and insurgencies by their neighbouring Karimojong. The transformation and recovery process was stamped by long spells of Lords Resistance Army (LRA) disturbances. The project intervention zone is situated in the districts of Lira and Otuke in the Lango Region of Northern Uganda. The regional coverage thus includes the sub-counties of Aromo, Agweng and Ogur, as well as the sub-counties of Adwari and Okwang. The elevation of the project region is between 1,000 and 1,200 meters above sea level. The Welthungerhilfe project UGA 1032 does more or less directly follow the former project UGA 1028, “Reactivation of agricultural potentials and drinking water supply in selected regions of Lira District”. It is located in the same region as the completed project UGA 1028. The project is implemented by staff employed directly with the project. In the intervention zone of the UGA 1032 project additional funding is provided by the German NGO Viva con Aqua for drilling new boreholes for drinking water supply. In addition, a so called Millennium Village1 is situated in the project region. The project objectives and attended results are as follows: Project objective: Sustainable social-economic living conditions of the people in the districts of Lira and Otuke in the Lango Region of Northern Uganda have improved. Result 1: Beneficiaries’ knowledge and usage of methods to optimize the use of existing production potentials are improved. Result 2: Linkage of project area to local and national markets is improved and primary schools are rehabilitated. Result 3: Supply of drinking water is increased and the hygienic situation of the target groups is improved.

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