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IN BRIEF 27/2012 Sahel Zone: A Political Powder Keg

Aid organizations, including Welthungerhilfe, have been warning since last November about a looming food crisis in the Sahel. Despite various preventative measures the crisis is worsening.

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Available funds and measures undertaken have proven insufficient. Some 8 million people in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Senegal and Chad are already in a state of acute food insecurity and another 7 million are threatened with the same. The causes of the crisis are complex. Superficial triggers are a chain of poor or irregular rainy seasons in recent years. Other factors, such as high food prices, repercussions from the war in Libya and continued migration also increase the population’s vulnerability. The international community must increase its efforts drastically if the imminent threat of famine is to be averted. At the same time, structural problems in the region must be addressed.

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