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In Brief 32 – Post-2015

The In Brief Nr. 32 deals with the Post-2015 development agenda process.


On September 25th, at the 68th UN-General Assembly, the UN is deciding on the direction of the road to a sustainable development agenda after the present Millennium Development Goals - the so-called MDGs - reach their target date in 2015. Governments are asked to start designing a new global framework that brings environment and development together and provides a future for people and planet! The catchword here is sustainability - not new, but hopefully filled with new life! So what are the issues at stake? Will the new emerging economies, the BRICS-countries be interested in a sustainability agenda which demands a change of traditional consumption and production patterns? Will the so-called developed countries live up to their responsibilities and what will they have to do? What needs to be reflected in any new global agenda, if poverty and hunger are supposed to become remnants of the past?

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