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Mid-Term Evaluation Uganda

Karamoja is the most vulnerable region of Uganda. It is a semi-arid region with only one cropping season per year.

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Welthungerhilfeis supporting the population in Karamoja Region to rehabilitate and stabilise livelihoods in the region. The core activities of the Welthungerhilfe UGA1035 project centre on improving agricultural and livestock production, WASH activities and actions to improve natural resources, as well as using Cash for Work (CfW) to implement activities. In doing so, it addresses the population’s immediate needs, such as food security, access to sufficient, good quality water and cash-income as well as long-term challenges such as fighting against the degradation of natural resources. The project is also in line with the Welthungerhilfe core value to fight against poverty, hunger and for food security, as well as its long-term vision of achieving the sustainable improvement of life opportunities for future generations in a healthy environment. Furthermore it is in line with Ugandan government policy guidelines for the nation (Poverty Eradication Action Plan - PEAP) and those for the region, such as the Karamoja Action Plan for Food Security (KAPFS) as well with local government priorities.

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