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Helping those in need!

Andreas Pollak für Freie Spende an die Welthungerhilfe
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Hi friends, family and colleagues,


Christmas is amongst the festivities where people‘s hearts and wallets are most open. :) 

I feel privileged and grateful to have grown up and be able to raise my own children in one of the most developed countries and societies in the world. I am very thankful for that! 

So instead of buying gifts for me for Christmas, or spending your pocket money on yet another chocolate Santa Claus or Glühwein, I would like to invite my friends and family to rather donate and make a contribution of a different kind this year! 

Welthungerhilfe utilizes less than 10% of your donations for advertising and running their organization, which is at the very bottom end when compared to other charity organizations that collect donations, which means the BIGGEST part of your donations will actually be used to help those who need it most!


I want to thank you for your donations and wish you a wonderful, peaceful and healthy Christmas time!


Thank you 🙏


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