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Searchers Unlimited – Think tank

3rd Round – Joint think tank

Young and old providing new impetus in the fight against hunger

(Autumn 2012) Does development cooperation need to change? What image of Africa is Welthungerhilfe transmitting and how can new cooperations be organised? Creatives accepted the invitation of Welthungerhilfe to discuss fundamental questions and to meet participants of the ‘youth think tank’.



In a new edition of the think tank, people came together to answer questions of the future direction of Welthungerhilfe. Gesine Schwan also called for the fight against hunger to become more political.

A result of the first think tank was a youth think tank with the goal of taking young people into greater consideration in the work spectrum of Welthungerhilfe. Within the framework of the third joint think tank, both groups finally came together in dialogue with each other. Representatives of the youth think tank sharpened the views of the experienced zeitgeisters to new perspectives. Within the context of its 50th anniversary, Welthungerhilfe is providing new impetus in the fight against hunger.

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Next stop: Addis Ababa

Searchers Unlimited - Welthungerhilfe's Think Tank

In February 2015 our think tank goes to Ethiopia. The idea is to gather on a multinational level and to include thinker from different African countries.

5th Round – Think tank in Berlin

Up for discussion: How should we react to conflicts and humanitarian crises?

(November 2014) The participants of the think tank met once more in Berlin. Topics under discussion: conflicts and humanitarian crises.

4th Round- Joint think tank

Interesting questions on the future of our work

(Autumn 2013) Do we need to change from an aid organisation to a knowledge organisation? Will ‘help’ be shared to become ‘knowledge’? This question was discussed in the first part of the fourth – and...

2nd Round: youth think tank

We are the present and not the future!

(August 2012) 20 young people came together at the Welthungerhilfe youth think tank.

1st think tank - Searchers Unlimited

Lateral thinkers from culture, media, economics and sport

(February 2012) Lateral thinkers from culture, media, economics and sport discussed the challenges for the work of Welthungerhilfe.

MOVE! United for sustainable development

International symposium on sustainability

(April 2012) Many questions were discussed at the international symposium MOVE! in April 2012.



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