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50 Years of Welthungerhilfe

Historic Milestones

People all over the world have the right to live an empowered and dignified life - free from hunger and poverty. That's what Welthungerhilfe stands for. This brochure gives an insight into this story so far. (2012)

The following text recounts Welthungerhilfe's history, highlighting the milestones, people and events that have contributed to making the organisation what it is today: one of the largest independent private aid agencies in Germany, bound neither to a political party nor to a particular religious faith, broadly and securely established in German society through member organisations, donors and supporters. Always pursuing one goal, which is why Welthungerhilfe has been able to make a difference: life has improved for many people living in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

50 Years of Welthungerhilfe
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