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A Future for Young People

Africa’s rural regions offer new job prospects

By 2030, 600 million young people world-wide will be seeking work. One out of three of them are going to be from Africa, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). But decent work that provides a livelihood is in short supply in Africa.

In many countries, agriculture is still the chief source of income. Therefore, new jobs and apprenticeships should also be created in rural areas. For this, however, good infrastructure, investing in the development of businesses as well as good governance and fair international relations are essential prerequisites.

Recommendations for action

For the German government

  • Efforts at EU, G7 and G20 level to achieve more coherence in agricultural, trade and financial policies to promote family farming

For African governments

  • Participatory rural regional development with investments totalling at least 10 percent of the government budget in infrastructure, health and education and training
  • Reforms to promote the rule of law and business initiatives

For businesses

  • Engagement in rural regions in compliance with internationally valid labour and social standards
  • A special focus on training young people



A Future for Young People
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