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Alliance2015 for Syria

Conflict in Syria enters it's seventh year

March 2016 marks six years of conflict in Syria. It has resulted in the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. Together with our partners from Alliance2015 we provide support to Syrians inside and outside the country since 2012.

Alliance2015 collaboration for stronger response

Alliance2015 is a strategic partnership of seven European development NGOs founded in 2000. Six partners, ACTED, Cesvi, Concern Worldwide, Hivos, People in Need and Welthungerhilfe have been providing support to Syrians, inside and outside the country, since 2012. Over the years, the partners have strived to grow, develop and improve their response to the crisis through collaboration, joint programming and information sharing. By working together, the Alliance2015 partners are able to share resources, local expertise and tools; minimising expenses and maximising impact. Our goal as an alliance is to ensure that we are able to provide effective assistance to the largest possible number of people. The Alliance2015 partners currently support over four million Syrians in Syria and its neighbouring countries.

Focus, Fund, Fix

With the passing of every year, the number of people affected by this conflict grows. Since the evacuation of east Aleppo in December 2016, we see that the focus of the international community has moved on from Syria, but now more than ever the people of Syria need our continued support. As the conflict enters its seventh year, we call for the continued attention of the international community, that it furnishes the funds deemed necessary to meet the humanitarian needs (currently only 14% of the needs are met according to UNOCHA ) and an increase in international pressure for a solution to the conflict to be brought about by peaceful, political means. We must not let their plight be forgotten.

To read the whole paper and learn more about Alliance2015 partner NGO's work in Syria download our paper!

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Alliance2015 for Syria
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