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Annual Report of Welthungerhilfe 2006

Fighting famine and poverty

Learn about the programmes abroad and the political work of Welthungerhilfe. How is the situation in Sierra Leone after the ravages of war? Read also about the development in the millennium villages. (2006)

By the end of 2006, around 1.8 billion euros helped finance 973 projects for childern and young people and 892 emergency aid programmes in 70 countries. To finance its projects, Welthungerhilfe received 34.7 million euros in private donations and 130.2 million in public grants. Welthungerhilfe works with independent local partners or - where that's not possible - with its own staff in oder to secure food and income for particularly poor sections of population in the countries of the developing world. 

Annual Report of Welthungerhilfe 2006
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