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Annual Report of Welthungerhilfe 2009

Support in fragil states

The report of Welthungerhilfe with a survey of the projects and programmes. In 2009 Welthungerhilfe has provided more than half of its financial support in fragile states such as Sudan, Congo, Haiti and Afghanistan. (2010)

This report looks at the projects and programmes abroad and the balance sheets of Welthungerhilfe of the year 2009.  Almost 76 million euros have gone towards assisting refugees, the fight against cholera, the building up of infrastructure, and rural development. Welthungerhilfe particularly wants to promote the involvement of local partners in its cooperation with fragile states in order to achieve long-term development aid successes in that area also. Education is also an important aspect of the work of Weltungerhilfe.

Annual Report of Welthungerhilfe 2009
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