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New ways to fight hunger

Putting integrated business models to the test

The future work of Welthungerhilfe focuses on making recipients of aid into proud actors in the form of consumers, producers and entrepreneurs. Markets should not exclude poor people.

The international community has an ambitious goal: eliminate hunger by 2030. The aim is to ensure that liv-ing and working conditions in poor and rich countries around the world are humane. To this end, it is essential to stop wantonly exploiting the resources necessary for guaranteeing these conditions. To finance this global sustainability agenda, up to USD 4.5 billion (OECD 2016) will be required each year for developing countries alone. Official development assistance will not be sufficient to cover this, which means that additional funds from the private sector need to be secured. In particular, poor people in rural regions require better wages and job opportunities. To support these vulnerable groups over the long term, Welthungerhilfe is adopting new strategies. Market-based approaches – primarily in the agricultural sector and services sector – are being used in an attempt to supplement our existing work, e.g. innovative models used by social enterprises for waste disposal or the establishment of sustainable value chains in conjunction with the ongoing processing of agricultural products produced by small farmers.

New ways to fight hunger
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