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Communal Land Titling in Cambodia

When Fighting for Land Means Fighting for Life

Indigenous communities in Cambodia defend their land and their rights with dedication – and with the help of the communal land titling process.

In difficult times it can be especially demanding to stay strong to achieve your set goals. It needs endurance, courage and having support usually is of great value. Setbacks will occur and need to be handled in a way as to not get demotivated but rather, and if possible, drawing more strength out of them. Likewise, problems need to be tackled and solved and not ignored, which demands even more strength. As human beings we do not have infinite strength, we need to recover and to have a sense of success every now and then that keeps us going – sometimes though, we simply have to give up as for some reason it might be better to just let got. But what if giving up is not an option or leads to an even harder time, what if giving up likewise means to give up to fight for your and your children’s home, your futures and for a big part that defines you, your culture and your livelihood? What if land defines your whole present existence and future and giving up the fight means giving up on all of it?

Imagine you are in the footsteps of an Indigenous and fighting for land means fighting for the life how you know it, for your right to food and for your right to exist – would you give up?

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Communal Land Titling in Cambodia
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