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Compass 2030 - Executive Summary

The reality of German Development Policy 2016

The Compass 2030 report is a critical assessment of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) from Germany. It compares Germany’s contributions at an international level, analyses what areas are given priority and shows how these funds are used. 

Compass 2030 - Executive Summary

The report’s analysis, recommendations and demands also acts as a compass for the development policies of the German Government and provides a roadmap for the way ahead. It is published yearly together with terre des hommes.

Since this year, Agenda 2030 is the red thread regarding topics to be included. Reference is made to concerns Welthungerhilfe and terre des hommes encounter in their work, be it at headquarters or abroad. The Compass is to become one of the documents that contains the main advocacy topics of Welthungerhilfe with regard to the German government, parliament and ministries. This is why it is published in German only, except the present summary in English available online only.

Compass 2030 - Executive Summary
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