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Documentation Think Tank Ethiopia 2015

Critical Noises „Searchers Unlimited 2015“ Addis Ababa Ethiopia

On February 16th/17th 2015 Welthungerhilfe invited 19 well-known sophisticated scholars as well as lateral and creative thinkers from different countries and fields such as culture, media and economics for a think tank meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Documentation Think Tank Ethiopia 2015


With the think tank "Searchers Unlimited" Welthungerhilfe wants to open its mind to new perspectives. The aim was not so much to walk out with an activity plan, but more to gain input from renowned people from various fields of expertise. To us it is enlightening on a higher level and thus gives us food for thought on a strategic level. We asked for a critical feedback from experienced people and lateral thinkers who are not necessarily part of the aid sector. Topics of the meeting included:

  • What kind of solidarity are we looking for? - The development frames in our minds and the future of global (and mutual) solidarity
  • How do we want to earn our money in the future – agriculture, high-tech, services, industrial production?
  • Challenges and chances of migration.

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Documentation Think Tank Ethiopia 2015
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