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Evaluation Kenya - Final Report

Drought Recovery for Vulnerable ASAL Populations in Tana River and Marsabit County (KEN-1102/KEN-1103)

The BMZ/GIZ-funded project "Drought Recovery for Vulnerable ASAL Populations in Tana River and in Marsabit" focused on mitigating drought impacts and increasing resilience in responding to the drought emergency that affected the Horn of Africa in 2011.



Evaluation Kenya - Final Report


It is designed to consolidate the successes of the drought emergency response undertaken by Welthungerhilfe between September 2011 and April 2012. It also aims to obtain long-term commitments to addressing those structural problems that impact vulnerable populations of poor pastoral, agro-pastoral and marginal farmers in drought affected areas in the Tana River (KEN-1102) and Marsabit (KEN-1103) districts in Kenya. While those emergency interventions enabled the target groups in the affected areas to survive, this project is designed to address the inherent structural problems by building up the resilience of the affected populations to counter drought.

Evaluation Kenya - Final Report
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