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Evaluation Liberia

Emergency response for Liberian families hosting Ivorian refugees in Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties, Liberia

The project's specific objective was to improve the access to safe drinking water and basic health facilities and the food situation of Liberian host families and refugees, and herewith to contribute to the improvement of the living situation of both groups.

Evaluation Liberia


The project’s strategy included the securing of food production (Result 1), the improvement of access (Result 2), the availability of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities (Result 3) and the rehabilitation of basic health care facilities (Result 4). The target group consisted of 1.800 host families and in addition the refugees in 39 villages in four districts of the two counties close to the border with the Ivory Coast.

Although Liberia follows a peaceful development since 2003, the volatile political situation in the Ivory Coast puts a threat on the stability in the East of the country. The project area is a very remote and scarcely populated forest area with difficult road access and a very limited access to services. The violent turmoil in the context of the Presidential elections in the Ivory Coast resulted in the displacement of refugees to Liberia. The United Nations counted 224.067 refugees in May 2011, but which reduced to 67.308 refugees in April 2012 and about 49.000 refugees in February 2013. Many refugees spent several months in host communities to which they have close social tights. Some of them preferred staying in the communities instead of moving to the camps despite the food and social services offered in the camps. The high number of refugees in the communities in 2011 resulted in a food crisis and an overuse of drinking water sources. The project implementation conditions in rural Liberia are extremely difficult with regard to road access, availability of qualified staff, as well as omnipresent corruption.

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Evaluation Liberia
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