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Evaluation Liberia

Enhancing food security and nutrition in and around Monrovia and Tubmanburg

The project's objective was to improve the food security and the nutritional practices of households and farmers in Greater Monrovia, Tubmanburg and Saint Paul River District in Liberia.





After the end of the civil war in 2003 the situation in Liberia is improving slowly, but Liberia remains one of the world’s poorest nations. Urban and peri-urban agriculture offers large potentials to improve the situation of urban habitants, but there are also serious challenges such as land availability, litter and waste water.

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Welthungerhilfe has provided the small farmers with agricultural implements, and assisted them with the construction and repair of irrigation systems and the establishment of nurseries.
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Get informed: "Record rice harvest - Improved growing methods lead to bigger harvests in Liberia" (article)

Find German project information here: "Rekordernte an Reis" (aricle)

Evaluation Liberia
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