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Mid-Term Evaluation: Madagascar (2016)

Mi-parcours du projet PASSAT

(June 2016) English Summary of french Report.  The project PASSAT aim is to reinforce the resilience of the population of the town Tuléar and two adjoining rural zones Zombitse and Mikea.(MDG-1040).

This evaluation is limited to the urban part of the PASSAT project that has the objective to realise a working waste management system in Tuléar. The WHH (Welthungerhilfe) is responsible for the implementation of the project, which is funded by BMZ.

The project has identified several actors and beneficiaries. The principal actor is the municipality who actually has the responsibility for the cleanliness of the city, but already for some years were not capable to realise this. Other actors are the private companies, working in waste management and the informal sector working in waste management especially the waste pickers on the dumpsite and the pre-collectors who do door to door collection.

Mid-Term Evaluation: Madagascar (2016)
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