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Evaluation Report Rwanda

Consolidation of Marshland Development in Huye, Ruhango and Muhanga Districts - RWA 1037

The ESIRU (Establishing a System of Integrated Resource Utilisation) marshland development and value chain project started in 2004 with its focus on poverty reduction and agricultural development, to be achieved by promoting development and food security.



In the project area, agriculture is by far the most important economic sector. It’s of great importance for the well being of a large majority of the population. The project take place in the districts of Huye, Ruhango and Muhanga in the South Province of the Republic of Rwanda. These districts figure among the lesser-developed districts of the country; characterised by high population densities, low agricultural productivity and wide spread

poverty. Within the project, the living conditions of well above 7,000 marshland farmers and 1,000 hillside farmers in total could be improved since 2004.



The evaluation was focusing on the Consolidation Phase that lasted from January 2013 to December 2014. The objective being to consolidate the achievements made over the last ten years. Among the project’s accomplishments evaluated is the support given to farmers, the farmers’ organisations and Local Government Authorities.


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Evaluation Report Rwanda



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