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Evaluation: (Sierra Leone and) Liberia (2015)

Mitigating Dangers of Localized Food Insecurity

(January 2016) Final Evaluation Report: Mitigating Dangers of Localized Food Insecurity in (Sierra Leone and) Liberia. 

Implemented by Welthungerhilfe Country Office Liberia and ACF Liberia under the overall Project Responsibility of Welthungerhilfe Country Office Sierra Leone. Funded by ECHO.

Welthungerhilfe commissioned an independent evaluation of her ECHO-funded programme “Mitigating Dangers of Localized Food Insecurity in Sierra Leone and Liberia” that started in May 2015 and was completed in December 2015. Only the Liberian part of the programme was evaluated in December 2015. In both countries, Welthungerhilfe works in close partnership with ACF. The ToR state a clear focus on the experience with unconditional cash transfer and, to a lesser extent, with the conditional cash transfer under the income generating component. Result 4, relates to psycho-social support, added only in October 2015 and improved coordination.

Evaluation: (Sierra Leone and) Liberia (2015)
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