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Final Evaluation: India 2015

Fight Hunger First Initiative in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal

One interest of this final evaluation was to assess in how far the accessibility of improved government programs and services, e.g. on food, education and health has improved for rights-holders in the targeted communities.

The programme FHFI followed a rights-based approach in order to improve food and nutrition security and primary education in selected backward blocks. It supported the creation and strengthening of organisations at village, block and district level and created awareness about rights, government programs, nutrition and child care. In addition, pilot interventions on food/ nutrition, advocacy and education were supported as well as joint learning processes of all partners and advocacy work at higher levels.

Despite India’s continuous economic growth, hunger is still widespread, especially in rural areas. India’s Global Hunger Index 2013 was alarming, with India ranking 63rd of 78 countries. Although important rights and entitlements on food/nutrition, poverty and basic education exist in India, rural poor do not easily access these.

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Final Evaluation: India 2015
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