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Final Evaluation: Liberia 2015

Enhancing food security and nutrition

(July 2015) The project aims on enhancing food security and nutrition in an around Monrovia and Tubmanburg, Liberia.

The evaluated project “Enhancing food security and nutrition in and around Monrovia and Tubmanburg (UPANI)” ran during the period of 01/12/2011 to 31/05/2015.  Its speccific specific aim was: Households and farmers in the project area have improved their food security and their nutritional practices.

The project planned four results:
1. Improved agricultural production of urban, peri-urban and rural farmers
2. Improved income opportunities and access to capital of farmers
3. Increased knowledge about nutritional aspects, diversified diets and home gardening
4. Strengthened capacities of Urban Farmer Association, MoA and MoH and Citizen Townships

Nutritional knowledge of the target group has increased by 79%, but only 32,4% of the 148 interviewed beneficiaries indicated that their diet changed in a more diversified one. Read more about the findings after downloading the evaluation.

>> Find more Information on WHH Projects in Liberia here

>> Download evaluation here (PDF)

Final Evaluation: Liberia 2015
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