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Final Evaluation: Nepal 2014

Food Security and Disaster Risk Reduction

(March 2015) The project aims on food security and disaster risk reduction for marginalized people in rural areas of Eastern Nepal.

The project titled “Food Security and Disaster Risk Reduction for Marginalised People in Rural areas of Eastern Nepal” – FSDRR or “the Project” – has the following project purpose: “...to empower 5,300 food insecure rural households in three districts to bring about a long-term improvement in their food situation through the sustainable use of the available resources, and to enable selected communities to be better prepared for extreme weather events (disaster preparedness)”.

This final evaluation arrives at a very positive assessment of the intervention's effectiveness, yet, also documents "room for improvement" with regard to the (organizational) sustainability.

>> Find more Information on WHH Projects in Nepal here 

>> Download evaluation here (PDF)

Final Evaluation: Nepal 2014
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