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Orientation Framework

Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security

The orientation framework provides information in modular form on sustainable food and nutrition security. (April 2015)

Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security (SFNS) is a multi-dimensional and complex concept including dimensions and aspects of food security (availability of food, physical and economic access to food), nutrition security (adequate use and utilisation of available food by individuals according to their needs) and sustainability (empowerment and stability).

The new orientation framework provides information in modular form on:

  • Strategic positions of Welthungerhilfe regarding SFNS
  • Conceptual background and technical knowledge on malnutrition in all its forms and its interrelated causes on different levels
  • Guidance for sound problem analysis incl.  necessary secondary data sources as well as information on nutrition-relevant indicators for country program and project development
  • Detailed information on nutrition relevant interventions and tools addressing food and nutrition insecurity on immediate, underlying and basis causes level including rights-based approaches, providing best practices and experiences from field work from Welthungerhilfe, international organizations and other NGOs taking into account latest research
  • Challenges and visions for the future strategy of Welthungerhilfe including specific approaches and campaign focusing on improving SFNS
Orientation Framework
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