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Working to Zero Hunger

Case studies from Burundi, India and Malawi

The following case studies from Burundi, India and Malawi highlight several steps which are being taken towards achieving ‘zero hunger’ in three very different countries. They focus on the complex challenges faced and the progress made so far, and demonstrate…

The 2016 Global Hunger Index (GHI) attributes hunger scores to India and Malawi which are considered ‘serious’. Although their contexts and stories vary considerably, the data available is a cause for grave concern for both countries. In India, a significantly higher percentage of children suffer from wasting compared to those in Malawi. While both countries have similarly high levels of stunting in children under the age of five, India has made more progress in reducing this in the past two decades. In the case of Burundi, no GHI score was able to be calculated because some of the required data was not available. However, the most recent GHI score for the country (2014) indicated that the situation is ‘extremely alarming’. Based on the data which is available, Burundi remains a country of significant concern. Progress is nevertheless possible.

Working to Zero Hunger
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