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Impulse No.5: Resilence

Concept and Practice at Welthungerhilfe

This "impulse" indicates what Welthungerhilfe has undertaken to date to reduce vulnerabilities, and provides ideas as to what is required to take into account resilience as a general objective in humanitarian aid and development co-operation.

Impulse No.5: Resilence

A desire to decrease the vulnerability of communities to the effects of crisis and disasters has been one of the key tasks of humanitarian aid and development co-operation for decades.

The objective of strengthening the resilience of these communities to the effects of extreme natural events and political conflicts has been anchored in the context of disaster risk reduction since the approval of the Hyogo Framework for Action through the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction: "Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters".

Strengthening resilience is a long-term task and hence a part of development processes. Resilience has become a key term of the new "language of preparedness".

Impulse No.5: Resilence
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