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IN BRIEF 31/2013 - Billions for Mali

Hunger despite generous pledges

At the International Donors Conference in May 2013, Mali was promised more than three billion euro. Basically, the funds are urgently needed because the humanitarian situation in parts of the country is extremely volatile.



IN BRIEF 31/2013 - Billions for Mali

Hundreds of thousands of Malians are still trying to flee the country, and face the threat of food shortages. In order to overcome this crisis, Mali needs more than emergency aid: The country also needs support for sustainable devel-opment. However, the transition from emergency aid to development cooperation following the military intervention poses huge challenges. Many donors have placed conditions n their payments: for example, that Mali should stick to the predetermined roadmap, return to dem-ocratic order, strengthen the jury system and ensure that human rights are upheld. Given the precarious security situation, weak governmental institutions and widespread corruption, it is hard to imagine how the funds are to be successfully applied.

IN BRIEF 31/2013 - Billions for Mali
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