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In Brief No. 33 - Climate Conference Warsaw

Warsaw 2013: Summit of climate sinners

Starting on November 11, experts and government representatives from more than 190 countries will be convening for two weeks for the 19th round of the international climate negotiations, this time in Warsaw.

In Brief No. 33 - Climate Conference Warsaw

Two years ahead of the major summit in Paris, at which a global, binding climate agreement is to be signed we need to see if we are on track with our emission reductions schemes and other important issues. Just this week UNEP published the newest "emissions gap report" stating that we are still emitting to much greenhouse gases to limit the increase in global average temperature to 2°C, compared to its pre-industrial levels. Please read in our most recent publication what at least Germany and the European Union should do in order to not putting this goal at risk.

Download the In Brief No.33 here!

In Brief No. 33 - Climate Conference Warsaw
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