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In Brief No. 34 - Biomass

Energy change and bio-economy must help overcome hunger and poverty!

Down with oil, up with biomass – to put it briefly, that’s the goal of the bio-based economy as practiced today. (2013)

Grow as much biomass as possible on the world’s shrinking land resources. This practice takes its toll on the environment and on people.In the development and implementation of biomass strategies, industrialized nations close their eyes to the global consequences. The most serious of these is the endangerment of the slowly progressing struggle against hunger. If no social mini-mum standards for biomass are set today, the projects of international institutions, governments and businesses could lead to violations of the human right to food. But that doesn’t have to happen: Careful planning and im-plementation of the German energy transition as well as European bio-economic strategies can contribute signifi-cantly to the reduction of poverty and global inequality.

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In Brief No. 34 - Biomass
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