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In Brief No. 35 - South Sudan

First the machetes, then hunger - the civil war in South Sudan

"In Brief" No. 35 examines the situation in South Sudan and demands for the civil war to be stopped immediately.

In May 2014, South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and former Vice-President Riek Machar, who is now the leader of the opposition, signed a peace agreement – for the second time this year. Among the provisions of the agreement are an end to hostilities, the formation of a transitional government and early new elections. Within next to no time, the violence that had erupted in South Sudan’s capital in late 2013 turned the country into a political, economic and humanitarian disaster.

Well over a million people have been displaced by hostile action, while just below 300,000 refugees have left South Sudan. Around five million people – almost half of the population – now have to rely on humanitarian aid. The present supply situation is catastrophic and threatens to worsen as the rainy season sets in.

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In Brief No. 35 - South Sudan
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