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Initiative Millennium Villages

Background and objectives 2011 - 2015

In 2006 the organisation started the initiative to show that significant and measurable progress can be made in the fight against poverty and hunger with the help of rural development instruments.

Initiative Millennium Villages

An interim evaluation in 2009 showed that the initiative not only improves the living standards of the local population but also strengthens their position as stakeholders in their own development. Authentic and transparent reports, along with traceable measurements of progress, have increased the recognition of the effects of Welthungerhilfe's development work among donors, supporters and the public.

The primary aim of the continuation of the initiative from 2011 to 2015 is to utilise the Millennium Villages - in addition to an instrument for the regional and local realisation of Millennium Development Goals – with respect to the entire work carried out by Welthungerhilfe.

More information about the Millennium Villages on our website.



Initiative Millennium Villages
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