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Management Report 2016

Management Report Welthungerhilfe

Management Report 2016: Structure, values and development of the organisation.

Management Report 2016

Regional programme support focused on Africa amounting up to €139.2m or 58% followed by Asia (€90.6m) and Latin America / Caribbean (€8.7m). About €1.3m programme support re-lated to overall quality assurance projects.
As of 31st of December 2016, WHH had implemented 407 projects in 39 countries.

Long-term development projects for rural development accounting for €92.8m (vs. €66.3m PY) prevail, followed by emergency programmes with a more short-term perspective reaching €69.6m (vs. €83.2m PY). In addition, basic infrastructure programm play an important role (€47.7m vs. €17.8m PY). All other programmes total €29.4m.



Management Report 2016
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