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Orientation Framework - Civil Society Cooperation

Part II: Tool Box, Best Practices

Part II of the orientation framework "Civil society cooperation - a valuable partnership" is practical oriented providing answers on how to cooperate with civil society.

Moreover the orietation framework defines which instruments and methods can support, strengthen and empower civil society organisations (CSOs).Therefore, this part is aimed primarily at practitioners responsible for project implementation and working in the field providing practical assistance for the daily work. This part consists of a tool box and a collection of best practices.

The different tools under point 2 contribute to foster and strengthen the awareness and sensibility of all colleagues, both in the Headquarter and in the country offices including the staff of partner organisations concerning civil society cooperation in the Welthungerhilfe’s projects and programmes. The tools are quite divers ranging from detailed manuales to brief and concrete checklists offering orientation on how to apply this important topic in the specific context.

Orientation Framework - Civil Society Cooperation
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