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Orientation Framework: Emergency Aid

Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of Natural Disasters and Conflicts

This Orientation framework provides support to employees and partner organisations for the planning and implementing of emergency operations.

In this context, emergency aid means rapid assistance in an acute emergency situation, for instance after a natural disaster, or following an armed conflict. The people affected are supplied with the bare essentials for ensuring their immediate survival. Generally, this is short-term aid lasting for a period of only a few months.

However, in countries such as Sudan emergency aid has now been provided for several years, since there is no prospect of lasting political solutions between the parties to the conflict, and the stability required for rehabilitation and development cooperation is therefore still lacking.

Over the last two decades, natural disasters and conflicts, and with them the need for providing emergency aid, have increased noticeably across the world. As an aid agency,
Welthungerhilfe today finds itself operating in an environment which is characterised by a
growing demand for rapid and professional aid, but also by changed political framework

Orientation Framework: Emergency Aid
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