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Press kit Global Hunger Index 2015

Download all documents, graphics and pictures

Global Hunger Index 2015 press kit - download documents, statements, graphics and images here. (October 2015) 



Press kit Global Hunger Index 2015

The press kit contains:

  • press release (pdf)
  • full GHI 2015 (pdf)
  • GHI 2015 short version (pdf)
  • Case Studies Mali and South Sudan (pdf)
  • selected graphics (jpg)
  • selected photo footage (jpg)

Photos and graphics may only be used in context with Global Hunger Index and may not be forwarded to third parties! Please use © Global Hunger Index/Welthungerhilfe if no  other information given. You will find further information in the IPTC data.

Get informed: Global Hunger Index 2015: Hunger and armed conflict

Find the German press kit here



Press kit Global Hunger Index 2015



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