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UN Agreements: Adopted, Filed, Forgotten?

Overall, international agreements are too weak.

Uwe Kerkow: A brief assessment of selected UN settlements with relevance to the right to food an rural development.  (2012)

The relevance of the international treaty system lies with the process than with the result: talking to each other and to civil society, comparing and relating different interests, working on compromise and consent, and finally formulating common goals are fundamental procedures on the way to a better mutual understanding and cooperation. With the exception of land grabbing, practically all important subjects connected to rural development and the right to food have been mainstreamed in different UN resolutions so far. Therefore it may well be argued that it already is an important next step if "The future we want" does not fall behind these agreements. The safest way to ensure this is to reiterate existing documents in the Rio+20 final resolution.

UN Agreements: Adopted, Filed, Forgotten?
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